Miss America


Originating in 1921, the Miss America competition celebrates 100 years in 2021! Miss America was the first competition to include a talent category and soon after added scholarship awards to afford young women the opportunity to attend college and further their education.

Miss America 2022

Emma Broyles

Over a 100 year history, Miss America has evolved to accommodate changes in society. With the adoptions of the Miss America 2.0 vision, candidates were no longer judged on outward appearance. This included elimination of the swimsuit competition and devoting additional time and focus on the voices and thoughts of candidates.

During competition and interviews, candidates are provided additional opportunities to advocate for their social impact initiatives and to demonstrate their unique qualifications for the thrilling and challenging  job of being Miss America.

The organization supports empowering young women across the country to achieve their best  through leadership, talent, communication skills, and intelligence.